Why can’t I refuse a pap smear when pregnant.I have no STD’S and am 14 weeks.My doc refuses to see me if I don?

get one.
I know many females who blame the pap test for their miscarriages.
I know I have no STD’S but I dont know about abnormal cells.What I do know is that they cannot do anything if they find something wrong since I am pregnant.
I am 31 and became sexually active at 27 with my husband and both of us were virgins.So no chance of STD’S

Dont u think my doc is bullying me into this?

he sounds like an idiot.. my dr told me it was too late to have one by 14 weeks..
stand your ground!! if something happened you would feel terrible.. because they are taking samples from your cervix..
see another doctor

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  1. versantly Says:

    why would you want to refuse? you had all of the blood tests for STDs!! if any doctor "bullies" you, fire him/her on the spot and get a new one.
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  2. Chelsea. ^_^ Says:

    You HAVE to get a pap smear when you are pregnant. Not just to check for STDs but also to check for cancer cells and everything. It i snot that bad. It doesn’t even last three minutes.
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  3. Curly Sue Says:

    I would like to hear more about miscarrying due to a pap smear. I’m not being rude, I’m really curious. You can email me if you’d like.
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  4. Jessica Says:

    They dont only do a pap smear for std’s they also do it to screen for cancers as well. You need to have it done. A pap smear is not to blame for losing a baby, or else everyone would not be on here talking about their happy healthy tummys.

    Edit: I also just wanted to add that the longer you wait the more it hurts! I got a pap at 28 weeks, I also have a tilted cervix but it hurt so bad, especially compared to after when i had my IUD put in it didnt hurt nearly as bad as when I was pregnant.
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  5. Kelsey Says:

    Pap smears don’t cause miscarriages.
    I would definitely get one. They detect cervical cancer a lot during pap smears while you’re pregnant. And honestly, if I was a doctor I wouldn’t see you either due to liability issues.
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  6. angelicGirl Says:

    Bullying no…
    Depending on where you live (if its in Canada or the US anyway)
    There are mandatory tests done in pregnancy… which means you don’t have a choice, its a state law or a provincial law… It doesn’t matter if you have no stds , the laws are set for every pregnant woman, this could possibly be the case with your doctor, your doctor may very well be just following the law.
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  7. Cassie G Says:

    no doctors need to look for stuff make sure your baby is going to be safe.. and more important your going to be safe. doctors know what they are doing trust them and if your not comfortable then find a new one but you need to protect yourself and your baby. i hope i helped in someway!
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  8. Applebops Says:

    You just have to get a pamp smear and you can’t say you got one somewhere else cause they’ll want something stating.it’s a normal thing to do when your pregant you’ll be fine do it for your babys health.
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  9. Babee Girl Due 12/16 Says:

    A pap smear is something you need.
    You may not feel exactly comfortable having it done {i dont think anyone is} but its completely neccessary.
    I hate pap smears got one done and the doctor found abnormal cells.
    You have to get checked for these things.
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  10. skibum_us Says:

    they have to check if everything down there is okay not necessarily for STDS but the development of the uterus and baby.
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  11. subwife02 Says:

    Well It is your body and I actually almost agree with you. I hate when I get a physical and they say we need to do a pap smear and I just don’t want one because I already know I dont have stds because they checked on all that when I was pregnant but I disagree with you a little because it’s just not std there checking for. What if you had cyst or cervical cancer? Don’t you wanna know there’s so many women dying of cervical cancer. Just do IT for the sake of you and the baby. After that if you feel like you dont wanna go then the choice is yours. I do agree though if you don’t want one IT’s your choice. Godd luck with the baby hun. Don’t stress
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  12. Julianna Says:

    Just ask for one postpartum. If you don’t have a family history of cervical/uterine/ovarian cancer, have never had HPV, and had a pap within the past year or so, there is no reason it cannot wait until your postpartum visit.

    It would not cause a miscarriage, but if you don’t want one during pregnancy, just request one postpartum.
    If you are not comfortable with your doctor’s way of managing your health now, imagine what it will be like later in pregnancy and in labor. I would encourage you to find a practitioner (MD or midwife) that has a similar philosophy to yours. There are no laws that require a woman to get a pap smear as part of her pregnancy care in the US (at least not yet….)

    Of the 22 OB docs that I work with in Labor and Delivery, they all don’t practice medicine alike. Some do paps at the postpartum visit, some wait 3 months since many come back with atypical (not abmormal) cells due to recent pregnancy/birth. Some will do a pap in the first pregnancy visit, others won’t if there was a recent (in the past year) pap done.

    I’m not exactly sure what "ashleela" meant about state law, other than some states now require insurance providers to pay for pap smears or it’s part of the Medicaid pregnancy coverage plan. But let me assure you, there is no law that drags women (pregnant or not) into clinics and forces them to have paps!! (at least not yet)
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  13. thore of azgarde Says:

    Women blame their miscarriages on lots of things instead of accepting that they had no control over this very sad situation. Your doctor needs to take a pap smear or he could be accused of lowering his standard of care. Find a doctor you trust, hopefully the one you’re with now, and let him manage your care during your pregnancy. Unless you’ve been to medical school, this is the very best you can do for your baby and yourself. Enjoy this time, it’s very special! PS No matter how much you love one another, the only one who truly knows your sexual history is you, and his sexual history is him. You may not be the kind of woman who would say "Sure honey, tell me all about your old girlfriends and your sexual experiences" without going all nutty on him and HE WOULD KNOW THAT!
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  14. djeter_girl_2 Says:

    I didn’t get a pap, my dr said he would wait since mine was current, but laws may differ from state to state. I’m in Illinois.
    Anyway, if law requires him to, (state, local, whatever) you would be a liability if something came up later – he does not want to assume that risk. He is well within his right to refuse service if you do not do what he feels is proper care. You may need to find another doctor.
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  15. Alice Says:

    A pap smear does not test for STDs. It tests for cervical abnormalities like cancer…there are a thousand potential problems with a cervix and most of those are EXTREMELY dangerous in pregnancy…most of which have absolutely nothing to do with STDs.

    Your doc needs to know if you have any of these problems because they would mean the difference between being low risk, high risk or potentially life threatening. Cervical cancer is very very common even in young women and will kill you if it goes undiagnosed. If you have an incompetent cervix he will see that as well and be able to implement measures like bed rest at an appropriate time to PREVENT miscarriage.

    Monitoring your cervical health is very very important and has nothing to do with STDs. You should get a smear every year regardless of how many partners or your risk factors for STDs are, a STD screening is a totally different test.

    The cervix is a VERY VERY important part of pregnancy and birth…it is what holds the baby in for 9 months and what allows the baby out at the end… of course your doc needs to check to see if it is healthy… You would not refuse him checking your baby’s heart beat with a doppler would you? It is just as important with nearly as many risks.

    I have never heard of anyone miscarrying because of a pap smear. That sounds like some misinformation.
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  16. Sarah Says:

    I think since you’re becoming a mother you need to do a lot of things you won’t want to just because it’s whats good for your child so don’t be selfish and do it for him/her. And unless you or your friends went to school to be an OB you should listen to what they have to say. Most would be honest enough to tell you when you don’t need a test. Plus if there is something wrong/abnormal they’ll either fix it or handle your pregnancy completely different.
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  17. Expecting #1 on 1/1/2010 Says:

    I know this seems stupid to have this done but it is routine. NO it will NOT cause you to miscarry. I have never even hear of that. And I have had 2 miscarriages. When I got pregnant this third time they did a PAP and the baby is fine. I am 19 weeks now. I even told them I was only with my husband and he only had 1 other person and we have been tested for STD’s so many times anyway.
    Many people lie about how many people they have been with. And Doctors just don’t want to trust anyone with that sort of thing.
    It’s bull, but I think you’ll just have to do it. It’s just one of those things about being a women.
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  18. Timid Women Rarely Make History Says:

    They need to make absolutely sure that you have no infections or something that could potentially harm your baby. Your doctor is trying to provide you with sound advice and care.

    If you are choosing to go against their medical advice,then yes,they will refuse to see you.

    I really honestly think you need to suck it up and do it. It doesn’t take long,and it is after all for your BABY!! Since you say you know you don’t have anything wrong,then why such a fuss over it? Just humor your doctor.
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    I had to have one too,just like everyone else.

  19. Still TTC #1♥ Says:

    Pap smears can not cause your baby harm. The American Pregnancy Association states that getting a pap smear is a normal, routine part of prenatal care. I don’t think your doctor refusing to see you is "bullying". According to him, you are being non-compliant with part of your prenatal care. If you don’t necessarily agree with your doctor’s methods, you’re free to choose another OB who may be more open with you. Good luck. ♥
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  20. sunshine Says:

    he sounds like an idiot.. my dr told me it was too late to have one by 14 weeks..
    stand your ground!! if something happened you would feel terrible.. because they are taking samples from your cervix..
    see another doctor
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  21. ashleelauren Says:

    I declined my entire life to have a pap am now pregnant and got my first one state law I was only ever with one person so I was never worried about stds but I had one and I have level 3 (out of4) pre cancer cells and I am only 21 do it for your sake and the babies sake
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  22. Cathy S Says:

    PAP tests check for infections and possible problems, not just STDs. The women blaming the PAP for their miscarriage are just looking for someone to blame. Miscarriages very rarely occur from outside sources. They are caused by something being wrong with the baby. Can’t be prevented most of the time.

    So, it is very very important to have a PAP done while pregnant. Very little risk involved, if any. It is much more risky to not have one done. If you have any kind of infection it can get to baby and that can definitely cause you to lose it!

    I very much doubt you will be able to find any doctor who is willing to work with you if you refuse a PAP. Cause then you can sue them if/when something goes wrong when in reality it would be your fault.
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  23. Miss J Says:

    get a pap… that’s crazy to think that u’ll have a miscarriage due to a pap smear. its done on pregnant women thousands of times a day, around the world…. so i doubt that it’ll cause that… and besides, whats the odds of it? u need to see a doctor and if this is what they require then do it!!! they wouldn’t do anything that could be dangerous to u or ur baby. sorry but u sound immature for ur age!! maybe u can do some research on the odds of a miscarriage from a pap and the odds of a healthy baby due to no prenatal care
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