Why a Healthy Diet is so Important for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the most physically enduring times in our lives, and it is more important than ever to consume a healthy balanced diet. By ensuring a steady supply of vitamins and minerals, as well as balancing your calorie consumption appropriately between carbohydrates, proteins and fats, you should be able to maintain a healthy diet through pregnancy for a healthy mom, and a healthy baby. Eating healthily during pregnancy is clearly important for the health of your baby, but overall there is no secret formula. By living a healthy lifestyle as you normally would, you can guarantee that your baby is going to be given the best chance health-wise.

The first part of a balanced diet is to consume fruit and vegetables. Fruits are packed with vitamins, which are essential for healthy growth and development. By consuming a variety of different fruits, you can explore your tastes, as well as cover all the bases as far as vitamins are concerned. With vitamins playing such a major role in the healthy function of our bodies, it is imperative you ensure a suitable intake during pregnancy. Additionally, fruits and vegetables provide healthy calories, and are very filling as part of any meal, or for a snack in between. Also, pregnant women need to drastically increase their consumption of folic acid. Folic acid is a nutrient present in many grains and breakfast cereals, and is essential for promoting healthy growth in babies. By increasing your consumption of folic acid and related products, you can help give your baby the essential elements needed to sustain its growth over the longer term.

Another vital element for healthy living during pregnancy is water. Water is an essential component of any healthy diet, and is essential in ensuring you are fully hydrated wherever possible. This can be invaluable in ensuring the effective distribution of nutrients, and will

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  1. daisylarb93 Says:

    Why is it important for pregnant women to follow a healthy diet?
    Why is it important for pregnant women to follow a healthy diet?

  2. lilmamanstl2003 Says:

    Because whatever you eat the baby will eat as well. You need to make sure that you are giving your baby healthy foods so he will grow.
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  3. Paresh M Says:

    so that they have an easy pregnancy and an healthy baby; there are tips on a healthy diet here http://www.easyninemonths.com/pregnancy_diet.htm
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  4. shadowtalker1 Says:

    What the first poster said, and because pregnancy takes a lot out of you — the best way to try to regain any of your strength and energy is to eat as healthy as possible.
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  5. ~*BB*~ Says:

    Don’t know. Every single friend I have that has recently had a baby has eaten junk food their entire pregnancy and their babies turned out perfectly healthy.
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  6. mommy2one1ontheway Says:

    First of all for the health of your baby…And it doesn’t hurt to continue a healthy diet when you are not pregnant cause it will help you feel better. But it keeps off unnecessary pounds that would come if you ate junk all the time and it just keeps you feeling good cause the baby takes a lot out of you…
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  7. 19 weeks pregnant with a boy Says:

    So that the child growing inside them gets all the good nutrients from the food you eat.

    A growing baby needs certain amounts of each vitamin and mineral out there, if you don’t eat enough food containing those vitamins then the baby takes it from your system, which can leave you feeling tired and sick.
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  8. Erin Says:

    so you don’t over gain weight and so the baby is healthy, if you drink Espresso the baby does to if you do drugs or drink beer the baby does to so that is why you need to eat properly
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    mom of 3

  9. 24 weeks pregnant w little elly Says:

    Because if you are not getting the vitamins and everything else that the baby needs. That baby will start taking away from your bones and everything else. And also everything you eat your child gets a little bit of.
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  10. Bastet Says:

    1. to give baby the best possible start in life.
    2 to help the mother recover after the birth and to produce the best milk possible.

    Good diets are good even when not pregnant..
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  11. Sofia & Theo's Mommy Says:

    Nutrition is important for not only your health but for the proper health and development of the baby.
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  12. "Laura loves him" Says:

    The are some foods that pregnant women can eat because it could damage the baby. =)
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  13. Saved by Grace! Says:

    actually its because your baby is taking everything from you to nourish itself so it can grow properly…..if you don’t replace those nutrients, your body won’t function right and you become more prone to diesease and sickness.
    This is actually good reason to eat healthy all the time….so your body can function right.
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  14. Pippin Says:

    For the same reason it’s important for ANYONE to follow a healthy diet. We need to eat reasonably well in order to get all the nutrients our body requires. When a woman is pregnant she also has to provide nutrients for the growing fetus. And her body will supply the fetus first, so if the woman is malnourished, SHE is the one who will suffer.
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  15. Anon Says:

    Normally diets are just to maintain your already-developed body. When you are pregnant, you are growing an entire body – brain, bones, heart, blood, liver and kidneys, muscles, etc – all from scratch, from one cell.

    Each of these body parts need certain vitamins and minerals, as well as basic nutrients. Bones are calcium; the redi in blood is iron; also, the majority of spinal development problems (i.s. spina bifida) are preventable with appropriate doses of folic acid. Proteins, fats and carbs are the basic building blocks the body uses to grow.

    All these nutrient have their uses. Shortages could lead to stunted or underdeveloped children. Fortunately in the modern world, even a bad diet has a lot of good nutrients. (Pizza has cheese and carbs and tomatoes. Hamburgers are actually real food.)

    An adult can tolerate or recover from a bad diet with vitamin and nutrient shortages – like the one month banana and grapefruit diet – much better than a rapidly developing fetus can. If the nutrients aren’t there the first few weeks the brain starts developing, for example, it may be difficult to make up for lost time and the child may be permanently handicapped.

    As long as the baby gets a decent level and selection of nutrients, good diet – as in "eat your lean meat and organic vegetables, not ice cream and pickles" – doesn’t really matter.

    One of the other things is that in the last few decades, due to the negative body image most women see from advertising, what’s considered a good diet is too little. The starvation diet to keep yourself into a size 4 or 8 is nowhere near what is needed to grow an extra 10 or more pounds of fetus and placenta in months. Fortunately, women get wierd cravings to take care of that problem.
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