Tom Leykis: Women who lie to get pregnant 1/4

Tom talks about women who intentionally deceive men to fall pregnant and have babies against the men’s will.

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  1. KANG07 Says:

    This is an epidemic …
    This is an epidemic amongst the young hoes these days. Men…cure yourselves of this disease and strap up. Always wear a condom and then marry a foreign woman if you choose to settle down. If not, then just dick the hoes down until you die, while making money in the process from your career that you spend on only YOU!

  2. TKnHappyNess Says:

    Any pulls …
    Any pulls that on me, it’ll be one of the last mistakes she’ll ever make.

  3. lXxMasterShakexXl Says:

    i have to agree …
    i have to agree with you i live in america and the women are just like you said..and its annoying me so bad there like almost all the same i was wondering if women out of here are the same

  4. mordanai Says:

    Fuck American white …
    American white women, figuratively and literally.

  5. jblackmel Says:

    @yammer123 Uuuuhhhh …
    @yammer123 Uuuuhhhh??? I see that you have replied to one of my statements. However, What does obama and pelosi have to do with anything that I’ve written or about the subject at hand: “Women who lie to get pregnant ” ?

  6. yammer123 Says:

    and obama does not …
    and obama does not use his braine or emotions to think for him, he uses his dumbass queen of botox nancy pelosi to do the thinking for him

  7. vwguyaz87 Says:

    The thing that gets …
    The thing that gets me is when they use the fact that they are religious to not go through with abortion while they were ok with having sex in the first place.

  8. jblackmel Says:

    Truth is, most …
    Truth is, most american women are up in the head. I have been so happy ever since i dumped my american broad and got with a foreign woman. She believes in family, appreciates me, does not compete with me as far as salary, and doesn’t play games with me. Also, she has not been poisoned with the oprah, tyra banks, ellen degeneres, independant woman, femenist agenda. Nor does she subcribe to the “you go girl”-type mentality. No more american hoes for me!!!

  9. jblackmel Says:

    The reason why you, …
    The reason why you, presumably a woman, can be so-called not emotional is because you know that the laws are ALL on your side. You can lay on your back become pregnant and extract wealth from any joe blow out on the street. Or you can trap him into the dungeon of marriage and after a few years take a house, retirement, and monthly stipends from men. If the laws were on my side i would be “calm, civil, and rational” as well!

  10. rdostie Says:

    So says the one …
    So says the one getting highly emotional. Note that all my responses have been in a calm, civil, and rational matter where as yours have degraded to petty name calling and vast, emotion based generalizations.

    I am the one here thinking with the brain. I am the one being rational. There is no denying that if one’s emotions are running wild here, it is not mine.

    Granted, I, unlike you, will not generalize our exchange back onto the entire male/female population. I’m not that irrational.

  11. rdostie Says:

    I am not a liar but …
    I am not a liar but if we want to use anecdotal evidence to prove a point on some national level, then I can easily point out that my close friend has joint custody with her child’s father. It is 50/50 during the week and due to her higher income, SHE pays HIM. Before her job took off, he made more and he paid her. Another couple I know pay nothing to each other but split the costs.

    Anecdotal evidence, while highly emotional, proves nothing.

  12. jblackmel Says:

    Where is the guilt …
    Where is the guilt in a morning after pill? Secondly, this is not a matter of morals or emotions, this is a matter of legality and rights!!! Sorry, i’m not a broad; i don’t think with my emotions. I think with my BRAIN!!!

  13. jblackmel Says:

    …the woman, …
    …the woman, whereas the woman doesn’t have to pay shit. Women are bitter vultures that seek to destroy men and not work toward the “child’s” best interest!

  14. rdostie Says:

    I always find this …
    I always find this part of an argument interesting. People assume that because a woman can legally have an abortion, that she can morally/emotionally. Abortion, while legal, is not always a viable option for every woman. Sometimes, many times, like the man, she is stuck with the consequences of their actions because she can not or does not believe in abortion.

    What then?

  15. jblackmel Says:

    You are a …
    You are a lier!!! I have been through this bull-shit. The fact of the matter is, MOST TIMES, men are awarded “WEEKENDS!” Weekends are not joint custody. Joint custody is sharing. Women don’t want to share because they make it a personal vendetta between them and the man that they ran away. It is also not correct to say that if there is joint custody that the child support is shared. I know of several cases where men were fortunate to get joint custody–50/50–but the man still pays…

  16. rdostie Says:

    Not true. If a man …
    Not true. If a man asks for joint custody, it is on the mother to prove that he is an unfit parent. If he wants joint custody, the court can’t deny him unless he is proven unfit. If a parent gets joint custody, child support is shared (i.e. both parents are contributing equally to the child–although this varies depending on the state).

    The child does not AUTOMATICALLY go to the mother–that is an exaggeration. There is no doubt that family court is unfair to men, it is not “automatic.”

  17. jblackmel Says:

    Women seek child …
    Women seek child support under the guise of “making the guy be responsible for his actions.” Most AMERICAN women are pure BITCHES; all of them black, brown, red, and yellow. MOST AMERICAN WOMEN have been poisoned by the liberal, feminist, independant women agenda, and cry when men only want them for their twats!!!!

  18. jblackmel Says:

    The difference is …
    The difference is MOST MEN are do not try to “get back” after these tramps after they break up! Women make it a point to a man’s life over. THIS IS A FACT!!! When men split up, most times, all they want is what they came to the table with. When a woman breaks up she wants everything that the man has. Women target the man’s property, wealth and mental well being.

  19. jblackmel Says:

    Child support laws …
    Child support laws do target men because the courts AUTOMATICALLY gives the child to the mother. A man would have to prove that the woman is a crack head in order to have custody. So because women automatically get the child, the it is IMPLICITLY true that the laws says that men must pay or go to jail and have a record.

  20. rdostie Says:

    If a father WANTS …
    If a father WANTS to pursue child support from the mother, he is legally allowed and encouraged to do so. Like I said, the law is gender neutral. Do not confuse cultural practice with written law. What needs to change is the perception of “masculinity” and to allow for men to ask for help without being feminized by his peers.

    But don’t act like its ONLY men that must pay. That’s not the case.

  21. rdostie Says:

    …if a woman …
    …if a woman doesn’t want to be involved she is made by the courts to pay for 18 years. Child support laws are not written in a manner that says MEN must pay, but that the PARENT must pay. If a mother does not want to be involved in the child’s life, she, just like a man, must pay the child support as based on her income.

    Fathers typically do no pursue child support from mothers due to fears of diminished masculinity–but this is a social issue, not a legal one.

  22. jblackmel Says:

    …if a man doesn’t …
    …if a man doesn’t want to be involved he is made by the courts to pay for 18yrs. You mean to tell me you think this is equality? NO!!!!

  23. jblackmel Says:

    It is correct to …
    It is correct to say that it is not a double standard to expect both of be physically responsible for themselves. It is unfair, however, for a woman to have birth rights when men have no say, but a woman extract wealther for herself via child support. Bottom line, since woman say “This is my body. Therefore I can choose,” then men should be able to choose whether they want to be involved without child support. A woman can have an abortion despite the fact that a man may want the child. However,

  24. rdostie Says:

    It is not a double …
    It is not a double standard to expect BOTH partners to be physically responsible for themselves. Its doesn’t matter how many types of birth control methods a woman has access to. All that matters is that EACH parter protects themselves and practice personal responsibility.

    Relying on another in matters of birth control is always idiotic. Its called personal responsibility. Expecting both sexes to utilize it is NOT by any means a double standard.

  25. jblackmel Says:

    You are an idiot …
    You are an idiot who believes in double standards! Both women and men can choose to protect themselves before and during the act. Women have over twelve devices to prevent them from getting pregnant. Even after a man ejaulates, the woman has two options whereas the man does not. Women can opt for the morning after pill or an abortion. Men do not have that option and are given the death sentence of child support for 18yrs. Being with or marrying women is a life sentence to HELL!

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