I got my girlfriend’s mom pregnant. How should I break the news to her? Please help I’m in a real bind

We were really drunk at a new year’s party, how do you convince an old lady to have an abortion?

That’s your mess, you clean it up.

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  1. Gray Says:

    That’s your mess, you clean it up.
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  2. Katie C Says:

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  3. ripken_hof Says:

    Dude, good luck either way…thats a real mess……..

    I feel sorry for your girlfriend
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  4. smtmsalwys Says:

    Plain and simply put: You’re a jerk for thinking that this is all okay.
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  5. Jess W Says:

    omg! i couldnt help but laugh at this!!!

    looks like she isnt going to be ur girlfriend for much longer
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  6. Marcie B Says:

    you should prolly call up JERRY SPRINGER
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  7. jimi Says:

    ha ha ha
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  8. april a Says:

    oh lawd,lol
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  9. moon_star_black Says:

    Your sick! kill a child because your an idiot? Its not the kids fault you need help.
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  10. chrissy Says:

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  11. FELIKS D. Says:

    Jerry Springer can sort situations like this out. (While I watch)…
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  12. aggie Says:

    Wow, she already knows she is pregnant after a week. In your dreams.
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  13. rottentothecore Says:

    dude ! what were you thinkin …….. yeach !!!!! x 10 man…….
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  14. kimmy Says:

    whaaat!! so ur gf’s going to be ur daughter..sort of..eew..it’s weird
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  15. Josh A Says:

    ya may as well just tell her cause she’ll find out eventually then thatll probably be the end of your relationship
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  16. 1st time mommy due 6/30/08! Says:

    She wouldn’t be able to tell she was pregnant if you just had sex on new years….sorry, get a life.
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  17. baby on board Feb 19 08 Says:

    ur obviously a loser, going by ur previous questions shouldnt u have better things to worry about like learning how to grow weed? ur pathetic
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  18. lili's_mommy09 Says:

    wow. that was alot of crazy news to take it at one time.
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  19. le VicSter! Says:

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  20. palmtreequeen8 Says:

    well, no matter what the outcome you will probably loose your girlfriend.
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  21. leviticus_squid Says:

    Let the old woman handle it- if she was stupid enough to sleep with you then it’s her problem.

    Tell the girlfiend you are not good enough for her and that she should find someone decent with (at least) half a brain.
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  22. Jonny B Says:

    Wow.. that must have been some new years eve party.. first off.. how the hell do you know that already?? its only been a week.. theres no way she could know that shes knocked up already… think about it man.. she’d have to miss her period for one thing, and if she missed it it would have had to happen last week, pregnancy tests need a little time before they even tell.. not to mention that the odds are in your favor if you has sex with her just before her period.. not saying its impossible, but highly improbable… ask for proof.. have her take the test in front of you. she may be up to something..

    but in all honesty… you need to move on.. i would beat the crap out of you if you were dating my daughter.. you need to grow some morals
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  23. Valerie G Says:

    First off, I doubt this story is true. It’s only been a week since New Year’s, and her mom already knows she is pregnant? If she is, it probably ain’t yours b/c she is probably more than a week if she already knows.
    But anyway… yeah, your girlfriend probably isn’t going to be so much longer.
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  24. sali s Says:

    Live with it and next time, wear a condom fool!
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  25. Jessica's Man Says:

    Yeah, Aggie’s the best so far here… she knows she’s pregnant already???

    Quit wasting people’s time here, jackoff.
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  26. Kiki Nicole Says:

    Just wow.
    So her mom is carrying her sister and her step-daughter.
    Someones a douchebag! =]
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  27. Stef_rok Says:

    wow. that sucks. does your girlfriend know? how do you know it’s your kid? if your girls mom is sleazy enough to screw you who knows who else she was with. dude, she wouldn’t know yet if she was pregnant if it was just new years. it takes about 2 weeks before you can even find out. even then there is a huge chance the test was faulty. you need to check her. she’s playing you. either that or you’re playing us.
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  28. Mama Bear Says:

    Number one. That’s her choice. Not yours. You have no say in what she wants to do with HER baby. Because by saying that. You automatically prove you’re just a very insensitive person.

    Number two. I hope you learned your lesson about controlling your liquor and your actions while intoxicated.

    Number three. You should have told your girlfriend what happened when it happened. Not wait until her mom gets pregnant by you to fess up. You’re both despicable for keeping that from her.
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  29. ShyDance. Says:

    man whore!
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  30. ceri g Says:

    What a mess…I hope your new years resolution was to give up alcohol….
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  31. little1tocome Says:

    If this is a real qyestion. You’re a discusting human being. This is something YOU did, YOU deal with it. Why should you abort a child for your mystakes? That’s not the easy way out!!! JERK
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  32. D R Says:

    So you nailed your gf’s mom, AND got her knocked up? Now you want her to have an abortion, your a winner dude!
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  33. kathsps Says:

    How does she know she’s pregnant one week after sex?????? I don’t believe this question at all.
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  34. guason12003 Says:

    Do you really want me to believe this crap, after looking at your other questions?
    Get a life, loser!
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  35. hlstream987 Says:

    You’re an idiot. And where was your girlfriend at this party? It don’t matter if she gets an abortion or not, your most likely gonna lose the girl and honestly I don’t blame her. Sorry man no one can help you here.
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  36. lady d Says:

    not very smart……how about you should have never even been with her if you were gonna cheat on her. best of luck to you about breaking the news to her and making a mess in that family.
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  37. KandyKayne Says:

    Don’t listen to these people cause they are not being helpful in this situation. This is SERIOUS & most of them are Not being helpful at all. Whatever you guys did together doesn’t matter anymore. You are being selfish & thinking of how your gf will react cause now you are BUSTED. Let me ask you this…How long have you been having intercourse with her mother? & If her mother wasn’t pregnant, when were you going to fess up to the girlfriend? Look, It’s not about you, your gf, or your gf’s mom…IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BABY! I just hope that you remember that there is another life involved, regardless of your carelessness. I get tired of people blaming things on being drunk. If you were that drunk, how did you manage to pull off your clothes & engage in intercourse WITHOUT protection & without "pulling out" before ejaculation? You were well aware of the ACT of interourse & now you are paying for it. AGAIN, think about the BABY & make the RIGHT CHOICE cause the baby is the REAL VICTIM here…not you, not your gf, & not your gf’s mom! Good Luck to you!
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    One day my mom confessed that I was an "accident". She told me that her boyfriend gave her spanish fly. She went to the abortion clinic one day & was about to abort me but she changed her mind at the last minute & she told me that she made the RIGHT CHOICE. I am so blessed to be among the land of the living & I love my mom soOOOo much for choosing me. It still makes me cry to this day. ::crying:::

  38. Tara P Says:

    uh you AND her mom have to break it to her. BOTH of you acted stupidly (hence drunk and unaware) and BOTH of you have to go in it together.
    i also hate to say it but you can’t convince a woman to get a abortion, talk to her yourself asap! see what she wants to do, and if she wants to keep the baby you two need to sort out everything like oh.. your gf, your lives, and everything else, and if the mother is going to even acknowlege you as the father (may or may not, if she wants to protect her daughter)
    i can only say good luck from here…. and i hope things work out in the end.
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  39. Dr. C Says:

    You have to run. You have burned all the bridges in your immediate area. What kind of relationship are you really looking for from your girlfriend anyway.
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  40. Petra M Says:

    oh ur a muppet!! wat was you doing having sex with your girlfriends mum, wat was you thinking. your stuck onthis one mate its a real mess and all you can do is tell the truth and hope for the best. good luck with it
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  41. hippie chic Says:

    Highly doubt this is true. Because you can’t find out that soon. She is making you sweat because you messed up and slept with you g/f mom. that is messed up. get help!!!
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  42. mom2bejuly19 Says:

    Wasn’t New Years Eve only a little over a week ago? How would you or her know she is pregnant. I doubt this is a real question and if by some miracle it is "being drunk" is not an excuse so deal with it.
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  43. ~GiRLiE~ Says:

    why are you doing it with your girls mom in the first place…I don’t care how drunk you are that’s just completely wrong….you wanna know how to make her have an abortion??? I doubt it!!! Usually older women would kill to get pregnant and guess what you got one pregnant….you want to know how to break it to your girl friend??? That’s tough because not only did you betray her so did her mom. Good Luck.
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