How much do the girls on 16 and pregnant and then Teen mom get paid?

if they don’t get paid how do they get compensated? i’m not 16, or pregnant lol so its not like i want to be on the show, i just love watching it and i wonder what is in the show for them? i see them on there and they struggle with everything from buying diapers to paying for daycare so i wonder are they getting any money to be on it?
yea thats what i thought must happen, a scholarship for the baby or something.
i’m 20. so the chance that i strive to be a pregnant teenager is zilch. lmao

Don’t you dare try and get pregnant.

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  1. Says:

    Don’t you dare try and get pregnant.
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  2. curious georgia Says:

    WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they get paid????
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  3. Justin S Says:

    No,they aren’t. They are either getting money from their jobs or their parents.I Don’t think mtv pays them,probably if they did every teen mom would want to be on it, don’t you think?
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  4. Annie Says:

    I’m not sure, but I’ve heard from something that the children get college scholarships…
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  5. arcadegamefreak Says:

    They get paid in crack.
    I hope you look to these people as losers and not strive to be like them.Feel sorry for the kids and hope they get their act together.
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  6. Concise Says:

    They get an honorarium. The amount, however, is hush-hush.
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  7. Peter Says:

    They do get paid, however it is an amount set by MTV. They also receive small royalties if if a lot of people send e-mails, twitter etc. to mtv. In the end for them it’s not about the ladies, it’s all about the ratings. The sponsors of MTV pay them for high ratings, the higher their ratings the more money they receive from the sponsors. So whatever gimmick they come up with, as long as it raises ratings they will put on tv.
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