I’m 13 years old and I want to get pregnant and have a baby. How do I tell my boyfriend this?

We’ve been dating for the past 5 months and I love him more than anything. We’ve had sex about nine or ten times. We’ve never used a condom, but I told him that I was on the pill- I’m not. Why aren’t I pregnant yet? I really just want to be able to tell him that I want for us to have a baby, but I’m not pregnant and I just figure that if I am already pregnant, then he would have no choice, right? I want to have a baby. I already got my period two years ago and both of us are really responsible. I live with my grandparents and there’s an extra bedroom that we could use as the nursery/baby room and my boyfriend could get a job in a few years once he’s old enough, and then as soon as we turn 18 we could get married.
So, questions:
Do you think that I have a good chance of getting pregnant if we continue to have sex without a condom? If not, how do I tell my boyfriend that I want to have a baby.

that’s rude of you.
"I live with my grandparents and there’s an extra bedroom that we could use as the nursery/baby room and my boyfriend could get a job in a few years once he’s old enough, and then as soon as we turn 18 we could get married."
Umm….yeah, grandma and grandpa…I’ve decided that I’m going to let you take care of my baby and my boyfriend since you’re already taking care of me…you don’t mind that extra financial burden or the screaming child or the irresponsible kid having a baby wasting your time, do you?
(that’s sarcasm if you haven’t learn it yet–seeing as how you’re THIRTEEN YEARS OLD!!!)

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  1. ☃♫☮ Sαʀαԋ ☮♫☃ Says:

    "hey, i’m not ready for a baby but i want one anyway. oh and i’m a whore. so let’s get it onnnn"
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  2. You may be right Says:

    you are too young, you will ruin your life, better wait
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  3. TwIxX Says:

    you are making the biggest mistake in your life
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  4. Maddy Says:

    This is a failure.

    2 points
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  5. <3 converse girl <3 Says:

    u are not ready!! way to young u will throw your life away
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  6. єנg (яιρ*נαѕρєя] Says:

    Yes you have a very high chance of getting pregnant.

    Just a tip you’re a F$#@KING idiot!
    Not too be rude. But grown women cannot even provide for kids and you’re 13.
    You can’t drive, you can’t work, you’re plain stupid!
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  7. Kris Says:

    Too young. Im 13, if I were your boyfriend I would not throw my life away like that… srry
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  8. Lala Says:

    If you have a baby your life will be over, the boyfriend will leave you, you will get fat and have horrid stretch marks, you will work in a gas station for the rest of your life! Quit having sex!
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  9. Subway Says:

    yes you have a good chance of falling preggers, some people need to have sex 30-50 times before they fall preggers, some people its just once, But I agree with everyother comment, your way to young to be thinking like this
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  10. Lieutenant Says:

    having a kid at your age will only f*** up your life. dont do it
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  11. Mike Litoris Says:

    Are you serious?
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  12. ImaHero Says:

    go see a therapist cuz this is some f*cked up sh*t.
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  13. Kate Says:

    What the hell…
    BIG mistake!
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  14. keybladexz Says:

    Ask your grandparents.
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  15. BigRed Says:

    Uhmmm….you lost me when you said you 13!!! seriously??? i cannot believe your 13 and you have sex all the time and you want to get pregnant. thats all im saying. just wait for a baby.
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  16. Alex Says:

    I hope my eyes deceive me, this cannot possibly be real.
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  17. BlAhh Says:

    ok seriously you have no idea what your saying
    grow up you troll
    and if your pregnant
    i feel sorry for the unborn child
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  18. beppie (: Says:

    really? your 13? have you lost your mind? 13 year olds shouldnt even be having sex, i didnt even have a boyfriend till i was 14. you need some help if you want a baby at that age.
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  19. Deborah Says:

    Theres a chance you will, and theres also a chance you will get an STD, miscarry, and die giving birt. 13 is way to young, your body will probably not even allow you to get pregnant yet.
    If your too young to get a job, and you live with your grandparents you are NOT ready for a kid, you will destroy your life.
    Not to mention, you tel him and hes gone. He will leave. Almost no doubt about it.
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  20. Lycan Blood Says:

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  21. jy.deane Says:

    You have a better chance or ruining your life along with your child and many others. I really wouldnt hurt to wait. You better talk to someone responsible. Why do you life with your grandparents? jSound like a problem to start already. Goodluck.
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  22. blonde32392 Says:

    no offense your stupid. why don’t you just babysit kids and see if you can be a great mother. so many girls say they think they can handle but honestly you cant. they all regret it. stop making this country such a disgrace.
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  23. FirstL Says:

    You are way too young to have sex and way too young to have a baby. Re-think what you are doing and please, please change your behavior. I am the mother of 4 children…had my first at age 27. Being a parent is a HUGE responsibility, expense, etc. You have your whole life to find love, get married, etc. Please do not ruin your childhood by getting pregnant. There’s so much joy in being a mother, but you will appreciate it more when you are older. Please take my advice.
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  24. I wanna see you smile.(: Says:

    Do you have money?
    Can you drive?
    Is your body fully devoloped?
    Will your parents support you in this?
    Are you done with school?
    Do you have a job?
    Do you know if you’re be with your boyfriend 5 years from now?
    if you answered to to any ofthe above you are NOT READY TO HAVE A BABY.
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  25. gogreenbitch (: Says:

    you will have to drop out of school and you guys have only been dating for 5 months
    your stupid
    and I dont think the guy will stay with you with a kid and till 18
    get a fucking clue
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  26. MoDy Says:

    I hope you r not pregnant for your own sake and start using a protection if u really really need to have sex , although i think u r too young for it !!
    By the way cheating your boyfriend like this is not a nice thing , dont lie to him like that ..he deserves to know u r not using a protection !!
    And yea , plz tell your grandparents about this …
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  27. dianawuzhere Says:

    Your way too young to have a baby. Your only in middle school I assume. Having a baby at that age will be hell for you and it will screw up your future! At least wait till you graduate from high school or something. I know you probably hear this all of the time but its true! Consider all the consequences you will have to face before you do anything…seriously! This is not something you can reverse once its already happened!
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  28. taxi siren symphony♫ Says:

    Wow, people are actually taking this seriously.
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  29. ☮☆★αyεεε.... ιтs αυтυмη!!☆★☮ Says:

    DONT DO IT!!
    You wont be able to do anything
    You wont feel like a teenager and your only young once
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  30. Tessie Says:

    that’s rude of you.
    "I live with my grandparents and there’s an extra bedroom that we could use as the nursery/baby room and my boyfriend could get a job in a few years once he’s old enough, and then as soon as we turn 18 we could get married."
    Umm….yeah, grandma and grandpa…I’ve decided that I’m going to let you take care of my baby and my boyfriend since you’re already taking care of me…you don’t mind that extra financial burden or the screaming child or the irresponsible kid having a baby wasting your time, do you?
    (that’s sarcasm if you haven’t learn it yet–seeing as how you’re THIRTEEN YEARS OLD!!!)
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  31. Your Favorite Stoner Says:

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  32. Cjay Says:

    IDIOT, good luck with that.
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  33. #1 twilight fan<3 Says:

    You shouldn’t be trying to have a baby without telling him in the first place. He has his whole life ahead of him just like you and you do not need to tie him down with a life changing, life long responsibility. You are to young to have a baby, and what if your wrong and things don’t work out between you to. Also, what about your grandparents, do you really want them to have this responsibility.
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  34. williamsshutearu Says:

    I don’t think its a good idea to have a baby right know, ur pretty young. You have ur who life ahead of you, and kids are not as easy as they look, its a lot of work, and if ur boyfriend doesn’t want a baby and you get pregnant you will most likely raise the baby on your own. So I would diffidently rethink that decision to have a baby, and talk to your boyfriend about it. Cause trying to get pregnant behind his back is not fair to him, when your lying about the birth control.
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  35. Hazelwood Gurl:) Says:

    you may think that a baby is a good idea but have you ever seen 16 and pregnant? Those girls still havent got their lives together and their babies are about 2 years old. They don’t have any time for theirselves. You can tell him you want a baby but you should really tell him that you want to wait until you graduate. I am 13 myself and I would want to wait until I was done with college so I can get a good job so that I can afford to take care of a baby and not have my mom take care of it while I was working at Rallys or someplace like that. So PLEASE WAIT so that you cou;ld have enough money to buy a pack of diapers and formula.
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    personal expirence

  36. Alex Says:

    I want you to think about this for a second, your 13 years old, logically doesn’t that seem a little too young for a baby? Even a little bit? How are you going to feel about this in the future? Are you going to regret it?Think about this long and hard, Let the logic kick in.
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  37. Lil' PR Gurl Says:

    YOu may love him that much but having a baby now is going to ruin everything for you. FOr example say you did have ababy who will pay for the diapers and formula milk and all the other necesties your child needs. What about school who’s going to watch your child while your in school i bet your grandparents aren’t. Your so young and still have a few more years to graduate and get a job. Also if you did have a child it will be to much stress for you and your boyfriend. I say you take my advice and wait. Such as my cousin she’s only 16 and she’s preganant and now her mother’s sending her away becasue she can’t deal with this situation and she’s tight on money. But wait becasue if you had a child now it would just make your life hell, you’d be better of in the future when you have a handle on everyhting.
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    My Opinion

  38. M.E rocks :D Says:

    maybe you should think of him and your grandparents….first of all you seem to put ou a lot so maybe he just likes the sex….second of all babys cost money…and it would mostly effect your grandparents, and if you just get pregnant and just say hey im pregnant all of a sudden he may run. So dont assume that soon he could get a job soon and help out, because you aren’t married and he dosent have to give it to you. you are also underaged so good luck fileing a law suit if he leaves you. You would probally make your grandparents cry. They are old they dont need to go through the baby thing AGAIN! talk to him forsure, but you know you most likley wont even like him anymore in a year or two. you are in that changing stage. and he might get really mad a you for lyieng about the pills, and totally resent the baby. and dont say he wont cuz you "know him" cuz every one says that, and it always happens.
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  39. PrettyInPunkkk Says:

    That’s a REALLY bad decision. Hon, I know it seems like you love him more than anything right now, but it’s only been 5 months. Give it a little more time. I’m 14 and the longest relationship I’ve ever had was like, 7 or so months. I was pretty sure I loved him, too, but we broke up. Give the relationship 2 years and if you’re still together, then THAT will be something exceptional. I’m not going to tell you that having sex with your boyfriend is bad, but girl you need to be using a condom. If you get pregnant and he finds out you lied to him for it, he WILL leave you and then you’re up shxt creek without a paddle. 13 is too young to have kids and no matter how responsible you think you are, when you get pregnant, you won’t want a kid anymore. I’ve never been pregnant but I know girls who DID get knocked up at 13 and they found out the hard way it wasn’t the way to go.. think about this, please.
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    :) i don’t know you but i want the best for you, haha. Just make sure, whatever you decide to do, that it’s in the best interest of you and your boyfriend..and, if it comes down to it, the child.

  40. Paul in Alaska Says:

    When you bring a life into this world, you’re responsible for it. How are you going to care for another human life when you’re still a child yourself?
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  41. always be positive Says:

    That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard
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  42. sydney Says:

    are you trolling? if not, you’re seriously stupid. i want you to e-mail me and thank me when you get your welfare check. that’s MY TAX MONEY that you’re taking to raise your spawn.
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  43. SkyHamilton Says:

    that´s great that you have a boyfriend but my mom had me at 18 and she messed up her life. There is extreme pain and your body isn’t ready for it at 13. Wait until later on to do this. Stop having intercourse!! I really waant kids but this is just not that age. Wait until later on please. dont ruin your life ! and girl im 13 too!
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  44. Judith Says:

    I hope you will read this and know that I only want the best for you. Babies are wonderful warm smiley things and you will make a great mother. But please let me tell you some things about being a mom and dad. Before you get pregnant you and your boyfriend need to talk about what kind of life you want for your baby and for yourselves. Do you want a big house and a nice car that you can drive your baby in. You an take her/him to the park and to school and to visit your grandmother and she will be so proud to see you. She will visit you and you two will talk about your great life and your wonderful husband and his great job. You will talk about your daughter and how she is doing in school and how she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. You and your husband will watch your baby sleep and make plans for her future. Will she go to college and have a career?. Will she be happy and have everything she could possibly want?

    If you get pregnant now that dream and that future will never be. You and your wonderful boyfriend need to have something in order to give yourselves and your baby that beautiful life. Getting pregnant now and living with your grandmother is not the way to get that life. Your grandmother can’t take care of all of you. You said your boyfriend can get a job in a couple of years. What kind of job can it be if he has no education and can’t have a career. A career is the only way he can provide a good life for his daughter and you and himself. And having a career is a great feeling for a man. He will know he can do right by you and his baby.

    Your grandmother loves you and cares for you but you can’t expect her to take on the care of another family too. Its not fair. Even if she can afford it financially its not fair to put the responsibility of you your baby and boyfriend on her. That is your responsibility. She needs to be free to have her own life once you have grown and move on. She will be part of that life but she shouldn’t be asked to provide that life for you.

    Please think about this and talk about it with your boyfriend and your grandmother. Think about what it takes to get the life style you want. You don’t want to settle for being on welfare and food stamp progams. You want to be one of those girls who drive a great car and shop at great stores and have the best dressed baby and husband. You want to be able to invite people for dinner and have wonderful furniture and dishes and things to show what a great life you have. You want to have enough money so that when your daughter wants a milkshake you can just take it out of your wallet and get it. You don’t want to have to say " we can’t afford it". And when she goes to school does she wear beautiful new things or does she get stuff from thrift stores and hand me downs.

    Please, please don’t do this to you or your baby or the others. Truly love them enough to give them the best life you can.
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  45. Cori Says:

    This has to be the dumbest sh** I’ve ever heard. Seriously, keep your legs closed. You are too young and naive to even fathom the responsibility it takes for a child. You’re planning on trapping him? Yeah, what a great way to be a SINGLE mom. You might think you’re ready (which is ridiculous because you’re not even close to ready), but HE probably isn’t ready. Go play with some Barbies and rethink the situation you have planned out because it makes you sound REALLY STUPID.
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  46. Filaaa <3 Says:

    (I’m 13 as well just so you know)

    Why are you ruining your life? You’re only 13 for god sakes! No matter how ready you think you are, YOU’RE NOT!

    "I just figure that if I am already pregnant, then he would have no choice, right?"

    The way you said that sounds like your doing it just so your boyfriend won’t run away or leave you. I get it that you think you’re in love and that he’s the one.He just might be the but there is a bigger chance of him not being the one.you still have such a long way to go in life, so why end it now?

    You say wait a few years before your boyfriend is old enough to get a job, So what are you gonna feed your baby with before he does get a job? How are you gonna be able to send the kid to school?Do you realize that you’re not only ruining your life but you’re also ruining your boyfriend’s and the child that you wanna have!


    GROW UP!

    The ending will never be good. Life’s not a fairytale God Dammit!

    Here’s you’re ending if you don’t stop being stupid ;

    You’re boyfriend leaves you, you have STD,you get fat,you have no money to raise the child, your child will hate you for the rest of it’s life.

    if that’s what you want to happen. then sure Go have unprotected sex all you want!
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  47. p00h be@r Says:

    Wow, That is one of the dumbest things ive heard in a long time.
    I am 14 years old. Some of my year 15 old friends try their best not to get pregnant cause they constantly have sex with their bf.
    And your 13 and trying to get pregnant. No offense, but this is an accident waiting to happen.
    I don’t understand why teens insist on doing stupid stuff like this, it’s dumb. And honestly embarrasing.
    Your not even old enough for a job. How do you expect to take care of the baby if you were to get pregnant???
    Anyways, do what you want. This is your life that you "plan" on screwing up.
    References :
    I’m the type of person who doesn’t sugarcode stuff. So I realize that I can come across as rude.
    I just really think that you should think things ALL the way through, cause right now…. your not.

  48. blue_whizy Says:

    I agree with many of the answers above – you are simply not ready. You think that you are, but you have no clue what it’s like to have to pay for everything because right now, everything is provided FOR you. Don’t be foolish and stop having sex. Do it when you’re married… When you are actually READY to provide for yourself and your family.
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  49. so fresh and so clean, clean Says:

    dont listen 2 ant1 else why else wood god make us able to have a baby at 13 if he didnt want us to so just keep doing it and maybe your bf isnt able to get u pregnant as easy as other guys would like his cum isnt as fertile to say the least and maybe if its an option sex with another guy
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  50. Serena Says:

    If your boyfriend sees this, he’ll definitely dump you. I’m pretty sure about that. You’re F@%#*&! crazy.
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  51. Jessica Says:

    Hey babe. okay, i had a baby when i was 13. YOU DONT WANT ONE SO YOUNG! okay, cause
    1. My parents threw me out
    2. I went ot a private school so i had to drop out
    3. My boyfriend had to drop out (he was sitting his standard grades)
    4. Its so much work!!!!!
    Having a baby isnt baout showing him/her off ITS HARD WORK! I hate people who say oh i want a baby but im…… whatever age! Its stupid! Im not saying i regret lily, i love her so much, but if i had the choice now i would of waited xxxxxxxxx

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