How to Get Pregnant Without HIM Knowing!

Bernard Chapin here with Volume of Chapin’s INFERNO 979 How to get pregnant Without HIM Knowing

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23 Responses

  1. Ajay4638 Says:

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  2. blacktigerpaw1 Says:

    @NautyKnight I’ve …
    @NautyKnight I’ve heard a lot about the gender-switching fishies. It could be true, it could not. What species of fish?

  3. NautyKnight Says:

    @Kimbers116 – Are …
    @Kimbers116 – Are you?

  4. Kimbers116 Says:

    @NautyKnight Are …
    @NautyKnight Are you nuts?

  5. NautyKnight Says:

    @SkaRocksYea – …
    @SkaRocksYea – Women traded in their families for careers because feminist liberal ideology depicted men as oppressors of women instead of protectors of women. It’s no surprise the government gave and supports a woman’s right to murder her children so long as women are working and making Uncle Sam money with extra tax revenue. It’s not like Uncle Sam told her to murder her child for her tax paying career. Yep. Lots of women are going to burn in Hell. They’ve chosen government over God.

  6. SkaRocksYea Says:

    @NautyKnight Amen! …
    @NautyKnight Amen! I agree completely. I’ve never had to use hormonal BC and the 2 kids we have were planned. If you’re responsible person, you can prevent pregnancy. If you check out the Guttmacher Institute website it shows that almost half of women who obtain abortions didn’t use any form of BC or condoms the month they conceived. Just irresponsible cunts, the whole lot of them!

  7. pinegrove33 Says:

    @rendarsmith No, …
    @rendarsmith No, i’m afraid Rudolfo was pulling your leg man

  8. rendarsmith Says:

    Is Paul Elam …
    Is Paul Elam really getting sued or was that just a joke?

  9. Hobgoblin1975 Says:

    They removed the …
    They removed the article,, good job Uncle Bern. The pieces of are showing a little fear of us.

  10. SatunCore Says:

    “*smack*, fist, …
    “*smack*, fist, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”…LOL…It’s ridiculous that they would even allow this disgusting conniving bullshit to be published though,yet,i am not surprised…This is teaching a woman how to rape a man in a sense..but lets not forget these same people and people alike believe that it is a woman’s free choice (doesn’t need the consent of the potential father) to abort a pregnancy or not..but if this same potential father were to slip her abortion pills w/o knowing,then thats called murder

  11. dermisogyn Says:

    i just upload a …
    i just upload a video where woman plan to get pregnant in order to “nail” the friend down. and all under the flag of comedy, a bit odd

  12. dermisogyn Says:

    @JesusHitlerForPrez …
    @JesusHitlerForPrez lol

  13. JesusHitlerForPrez Says:

    This.Lets all get …
    This.Lets all get knocked up. Rite now! Im making the gummybear shots!

  14. lnsertCleverName Says:

    @pinegrove33 I …
    @pinegrove33 I actually thought about that, I’ll have to think of a clever idea for a pic or something.

  15. pinegrove33 Says:

    @lnsertCleverName …
    @lnsertCleverName how about an anonymous pic to use in a vid?

  16. lnsertCleverName Says:

    Got my shirt today …
    Got my shirt today Bern, thanks buddy.

  17. SecuritySeek Says:

    Hurry Up and …
    Hurry Up and produce the Male Pill this will even out the game. need to be slapped around a few times to wake up to themselves. For the American men who have of wives you should go to the middle East for a few months and teach these whores a lesson on respect. Because there if a doesn’t respect her man she gets killed.

  18. JohannMint Says:

    Update: that …
    Update: that article has now vanished completely. :-) Whoever is interested in reading the filthy original can still pull up the shameless crime-encouraging piece via google cache.

  19. TheAryoBarzan87 Says:

    Everybody should …
    Everybody should click ‘contact us’ and have a nice, civil word about what they think about the website and the legal/non-legal ramifications that may occur to their website if they decide to keep the stupid article up.

  20. PGnumbaONE Says:

    W…T…F?? 0_O …
    W…T…F?? 0_O Are those real piercings??

  21. spoogeling Says:

    @Gabster1990 Or …
    @Gabster1990 Or just get a vasectomy. 

  22. Gabster1990 Says:

    @spoogeling Or use …
    @spoogeling Or use condoms and put hot sauce inside when discarding.

  23. knowthingman Says:

    BUT, imagine the …
    BUT, imagine the collective the authors of that article (and feministas in general) would have if a guy were to dispense advice on how to PREVENT his partner from getting pregnant, “without her knowing it”…

    however, im sure they would be OK with such an article, so long as it was prefaced with a sweet disclaimer on how “unethical” it would be for a man to do such a thing (right before the author told him how)….right? right?

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