can u get pregnant from swallowing semen?

I have always wondered about this but never asked because i had never done it. But my friend came over in a panic yesterday and wanted me to take her to get the morning after pill, because she swallowed her boyfriends you know what. So my question is can u in act get pregnant from swallowing semen?

you cannot get pregnant from oral sex but you can get a lot of STDs – see below

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  1. Matt M Says:

    no. Now I see why New York requires a health class.
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  2. Charlie Says:

    no, it has to go to the ovaries, the stomach acid would kill it
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  3. Ben Says:

    Its impossible. If you swallow it it goes to your stomach, not to your uterus. The stomach acid would kill all the little guys anyways so theres nothing to worry about.
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  4. Dr. DOLY Says:

    you cannot get pregnant from oral sex but you can get a lot of STDs – see below
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  5. Janine R Says:

    don’t be silly!
    if the semen goes down your friends throat it isn’t anywhere near your friends vagina.
    it will go down it throat and into her stomach.
    semen is actually full of vitamins too, so it’s actually not doing her any harm at all.
    the semen will not be able to access the egg as there is only one way for semen to get there – through the vagina, so no worries.
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  6. Danielle E Says:

    No you can not get pregnant from swallowing semen. The only way to get pregnant is if you have sperm in your vagina(regardless of how it gets there, it must travel to your fallopian tubes to fertilize an egg), because your ovaries release an egg which travels through your fallopian tubes to your uterus where if it is fertilized it will implant and grow. Your esophagus, which is your throat, leads to your stomach not your uterus. The acid in your stomach will kill sperm on contact anyway, so even if it could get to your uterus it wouldn’t survive the trip.
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  7. cheeky chick Says:

    no you cant
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  8. Jamie Says:

    No. Sex education isn’t such a bad thing.
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