How to Get Rid of a Uti – Treating Uti Naturally

If you would like to know how to get rid of a UTI, there are many home remedies which you can use. Indeed, treating a UTI naturally is becoming known to be a very effective and fast way of eradicating this painful condition.

Most people now accept that treating all manner of conditions naturally is often better than using antibiotics or over the counter remedies which can be very expensive and often not very effective. Antibiotics work by killing off all types of bacteria and cannot distinguish between the beneficial types and the bad types which can cause infection-both of which are naturally present within the human body. This means that the natural balance of the body can be upset. This can cause other conditions such as yeast infections and digestive problems as a direct result of taking antibiotics. In addition as we as a population become more and more reliant on antibiotics, doctors are finding that they are needing to prescribe stronger antibiotics as diseases are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

Many alternative practitioners are now advocating ways of treating UTI naturally and many give advice on how to get rid of a UTI. These methods are often common sense approaches but nevertheless can help to give some symptomatic relief and can even help to cure milder infections.

* Drink plenty of water-around 6-8 glasses daily is ideal

* Try 2 glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice daily

* Place a heated pad or hot water bottle on the abdomen

* Avoid drinking tea, coffee or alcohol

* Wear only cotton panties

* Do not wear tight trousers or pantyhose

* Avoid using perfumed products around the vaginal area

* Take a daily vitamin C tablet to help strengthen the immune system

* Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

* Try eating a pot of live natural yogurt daily

* Avoid products with a high sugar content as sugar can fuel the growth of bacteria

If you would like to see how to get rid of a UTI naturally, without using antibiotics, there is a completely natural method which is guaranteed to get rid of the symptoms of a UTI very quickly. The pain will begin to go within a few short minutes and in most cases, you will be completely pain free by the next day. This system of treating UTI naturally works by strengthening, enhancing and supporting the body’s own ability to heal but at the same time, uses a highly effective natural ingredient which targets the infection like a laser. This method is completely safe for children, adults and can also be used with confidence by pregnant women and the elderly. It is also safe for people who are taking other medication. If you are ready to find out how to get rid of a UTI without using antibiotics, check out this informative site where you can immediately download the cure.

Rebecca Hopkinson

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  1. iamhis0 Says:

    Treating sinus infection naturally while pregnant and breastfeeding?
    I have an oh so wonderful sinus infection. I am 18 weeks pregnant and nursing as well. I want to treat it naturally, and avoid antibiotics and need to tips on treatment. I have been drinking warm fluids, using a Neti pot, and taking lots of vitamin c. Any other natural recommendations?

  2. Holy Macaroni! Says:

    I really think you should go to your primary care doctor. Infections are very serious during pregnancy. Are you sure it is an actual infection?
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  3. John D K Says:

    Spray your nose insides wth saline ( salt water )
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  4. Lisa Says:

    Steam … hold your face over a bowl of hot water and the steam should help drain your sinuses you can treat yourself to a facial too.

    My eyes always bother me super much when I have a sinus thing. If yours are puffy you can always do the whole cucumber trick.

    As for drinking warm fluids, that’s great, but I would avoid milk or dairy for the time being, just because it can get things feeling a little more blocked.

    Good luck! I hope you feel better soon!
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  5. MH Says:

    You can purchase a Nasaline syringe – it’s a big plastic syringe that you use to "shoot" saline into one of your nostrils and it comes out th other. I know it sounds gross, and it takes some getting used to (it’s like getting salt water up your nose at the beach) but TRUST ME!!! It gets EVERYTHING out of your nasal passages. I used to get multiple sinus infections a year and now that I irrigate my nose 2x daily and use a nasal steroid, my life is so different! Since your nose houses so much bacteria, you really need to get up in there where blowing your nose just doesn’t work as well. Good luck!
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  6. mommy_2_bella Says:

    saline solution will loosen up your mucous, it’s safe to use during pregnancy and for infants. make sure to get one that has no additives. eat lots of fresh fruit, even more than you usually would.
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  7. polyvoreally Says:

    do humiafire
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  8. Laura L Says:

    please try this, it is safe for you and the babies and will cure your sinus infection.
    best wishes.
    My husband uses this to keep from getting bronchitis, and I use to to cure sinus infections. THere are many kinds of bacteria that live in the sinuses, and this gets rid of all the bad ones!.This is the only thing that really helped me — my Dr. told me about a sinus wash that will kill bacteria.
    you need

    distilled water
    sea salt
    liquid chlorophyll and colloidal silver from the health food store.
    in a glass mix 1/4 cup water with a pinch of salt and heat to body temperature.
    add 5 drops each silver and chlorophyll and mix.
    using a large dropper (like one used for infant medication) drop 2 full droppersfull into one side of the nose while laying down.
    Turn the head and let it drain out the other nostril. Be sure to have paper towels handy.
    The silver kills the bacteria and there are several hundred kind that can live in the sinus cavities and anti biotics don’t get rid of them all.
    Do this twice a day for a week, mixing up the mixture fresh each time.
    Then do it once a week for maintenance.
    There is nothing in this that will hurt you, and it cured me.
    I do not have to take claritin, or antibiotics anymore.
    best wishes

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